India is out of control and will infect the planet


It has already hit catastrophic proportions.

Meanwhile Biden is sitting on 20-30 MILLION Astrazeneca vaccines not approved for use in the US.

Beyond the immense suffering being caused, India’s out of control COVID story can lead to reinfection of much of the planet, possibly with new strains of the virus.

India badly needs global help. But let’s not forget that its prime minister, Narendra Modi, recently permitted a holy gathering of up to 3m Hindus, held mass campaign rallies, and has a health minister who thinks cow’s urine is a cure for Covid.

#Modi is damaging India’s health.


“Prime Minister Modi’s governing Party and other parties have continued to hold mass rallies with thousands of people unmasked. The government has also allowed an enormous Hindu festival to draw millions of pilgrims despite signs that it has become a superspreader event.”

India, the second most populated country in the world with two of the most densely populated cities in the world, is facing a coronavirus catastrophe that is quickly spinning out of control. Oxygen supplies and other emergency aid are quickly running out.

It’s not about giving them the raw materials. It’s about all zillions of steps involved in manufacturing and the integrity of the process that will produce a 100% clean product that won’t screw things up for people who get it and give the virus more time to mutate cause it wasn’t made correctly!

Manufacturing facilities,  the integrity of the process,  making sure nothing is counterfeit, competence, oversight, it’s not just about having  raw materials  — NO that alone — will not protect the population on earth.

#1 Politicans are not scientists!
#2 Follow Science!
#3 Only Science wins!


“How many times can a man turn his head and pretend he just doesn’t see

The answer is blowing in the wind”

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