#Bitcoin is now among the ten largest world currencies 1-9-2021

CyberPlayGround NetHappenings©1989#Bitcoin is now among the ten largest world currencies.



ATH 1:00 PM 1/9/2021

It now occupies the position of the 5th Largest Currency in the world. The USD, EUR, CNY, and JPY are the first world currencies with a larger money supply than Bitcoin. At the current market cap, Bitcoin has a money supply worth more than 170 different fiat currencies. The US dollar (USD) is the largest fiat currency Followed by Euro (EUR), the Chinese Yuan (CNY) and the fourth is the Japanese yen.

Max Keiser Predicts Bitcoin’s Price To $220,000 In 2021


Bitcoin and Tesla have beaten Facebook by market capitalization rankings as they surge up the ladder of top global assets. Bitcoin is currently ranked 7 with a market cap of more than $770 billion with Facebook following immediately with about $767 billion.

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