#Folklore Explains The Power of Story Tellers and Story Telling



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How did all these stupid people believe all these stupid stories?

Study: Folklore structure reveals how conspiracy theories emerge, fall apart

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Rumors swirling around 2016 Wikileaks dump was glue that held “Pizzagate” together.

Researchers produced a graphic representation of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory narrative, with layers for major subplots of each story, and lines connecting the key people, places and institutions within and among those layers. The structure of folklore can help explain how unrelated facts and false information connect into a compelling narrative framework that can then go viral as a conspiracy theory.

According to a June paper published in PLOS ONE, the structure of folklore can yield insights into precisely how these connections get made and, hence, into the origins of conspiracy theories.

“We tell stories all the time, and we use them to explain and to signal our various cultural ideologies, norms, beliefs, and values,” co-author Timothy Tangherlini, a self-described computational folklorist at the University of California, Berkeley, told Ars. “We’re trying to get people either to acknowledge them or align with them.” In the case of conspiracy theories, those stories can have serious real-world consequences. “Stories have been impactful throughout human history,” he said. “People take real world action on these. A lot of genocide can be traced back to certain stories and ‘rumors,’ as well as conspiracy theories.”

“The narrative framework is robust to deletion. That might actually be one of the tell tales between an actual conspiracy and a conspiracy theory.”

U.S. pharmacist who tried to ruin Covid vaccine doses is a conspiracy theorist, police say.

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