Trump vaccine czar Moncef Slaoui owns $10 million in stock options in company

Pfizer VaccineWonder why Everyone is asking where are the Pfizer vaccines?

Why are we running low?

When is the next shipment coming so we can schedule our people for the shot?

It isn’t a Pfizer problem. They sent all the shipments.

It’s the Governor who isn’t telling anyone where to send them because – THEY WANT TO MAKE MONEY – FUCK MONCEF SLAOUI 


Trump’s new coronavirus vaccine czar owns $10 million in stock options in MODERNA developing vaccine

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called upon Moncef Slaoui to “divest immediately” over his “huge conflict of interest”

Today is the anniversary of Trumps impeachment day.

Solar Flare – They got the Nukes: Just a reminder that John Bolton eliminated the position of White House cybersecurity coordinator in 2018.

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