SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said Bitcoin BTC is a store of value

#SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said #Bitcoin #BTC is a store of value
@SquawkCNBC from 2 years ago 2018
“We determined that bitcoin was not a security, it was much more a payment mechanism and stored value,” says SEC Chairman Jay Clayton on #btc.
“Our current payment mechanisms–have inefficiencies those inefficiencies are the things that are driving the rise of bitcoin.”

Youtube Aug 30, 2020 #CNBC How Social Security Works

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Aug 30, 2020
If You Own Just 0.28 Bitcoin You’re Statistically Guaranteed To Be In The Richest 1% Of The World!

Because most of this world doesn’t have $5.00 in their pocket.


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“The richest 1% of Americans currently own a whopping 40% of total household wealth.” #TaxTheRich

We don’t need or want .001% Billionaires it should be illegal

Fed Chair Powell Is a Member of a Private Club with a History of Racism and Sexism

Tax the rich

Selective Inflation Increases Financial Gap by Jonathan A Weiss Esq.


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