The dangerous myth about the so-called ‘liberal’ media is still going strong

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The dangerous myth about the so-called ‘liberal’ media is still going strong

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<EXCERPT> This is a misleading, decontextualized position.

The attempt by Trump to undermine the U.S. electoral system leans heavily upon convincing his supporters that media analyses of his attacks are “fake” because “The Media” are a biased, leftist monolith. Legitimizing this myth only serves the interests of those opposed to the critical analysis of current events in the United States. And, it undermines critical analysis of all forms of power, including when Democrats hold that power.

Meet The Billionaire Clan Behind The Media Outlet Liberals Love To Hate

“What I wanted was purely to make money,” David, the richest of the brothers with an estimated net worth of about $325 million, unapologetically told Forbes 28 years ago in a story detailing his plans to expand Sinclair. David, who stepped down as CEO last year but remains chairman, refused to comment for this story.
The family’s aggressive approach coupled with a Trump-era preference for deregulation means that Sinclair may get bigger in the years to come. Sinclair’s proposed acquisition of Tribune Media, which would give it 42 more stations, will enable it to reach 72% of U.S. households, up from about 40%.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, with 193 local channels reaching 40% of the population, is the second-largest local TV station owner in the U.S. (and the largest owner of FOX and ABC affiliate stations). Sinclair has earned a reputation for aggressively pushing right-wing content. From 2017–19, Sinclair forced its channels to air “must-run segments,” including commentaries by former Trump senior advisor Boris Epshteyn, which stations were required to air 9 times a week. A 2019 study in the American Political Science Review on the impact of Sinclair purchasing local stations concluded that such purchases resulted in, “a significant rightward shift in the ideological slant of coverage” on those channels.


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