Matt Blaze Election Fraud Expert

Professor @MattBlaze Secure Systems and Cryptology expert. He Teaches Technology and Election Integrity
Matt Blaze is the McDevitt Professor of Computer Science and Law at Georgetown University.

He used to do this at Penn

People who study election technology have been warning for years that there are security weaknesses in voting systems, but have taken pains to point out that this is not the same as rigged elections.

To my knowledge (and this is my field of expertise), no serious evidence has yet been found or presented that suggests that the 2020 election outcome in any state has been altered through technical exploitation. Period.

We should, of course, perform post-election audits (such as RLAs) of every contest outcome, as a routine part of elections in the US. Fortunately, there’s been substantial progress toward this. Unfortunately, Congress has failed to enact legislation to mandate or fund them.

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