Educational CyberplayGround Inc. NetHappenings Newsletter 10/30/2020

Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc.
NetHappenings Newsletter 10-30-2020
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Louis DeJoy’s, @seanhannity, and fox news machinations have been activated.

“The Butler County Bureau of Elections director says an unknown number of mail-in ballots were lost by the postal service.” But by Thousands?

Potentially thousands of requested mail ballots lost in Pa. county, official says

Mail delays even worse across Pa., with 42% of Philly mail taking longer than 5 days

USPS admits delivery times are plummeting, says there’s no “constitutional right” to timely delivery

Trump’s 2020 Plan to Win Pennsylvania: Throw Out 100,000 Ballots

State officials are reaching out to five Pennsylvania counties that said they would not begin counting mail ballots until the day after Election Day. But officials are still cautioning the public not to expect all votes to be counted on Election Day.


Twitter Bots Promote Right-Wing Conspiracies, Paper Shows – Defense One @DefenseOne
Twitter bots are nearly twice as likely to amplify right-wing content than are humans, a new paper finds, shedding light on how these largely automated social media personas can shape public opinion

@Jack / Twitter can fix the bot problem. The thing is, bots click on ads like crazy. They’re necessary for social media companies to keep their business models. The solution is to just not include bot metrics in engagement promotions, and reporting bot and dead accounts in the user base is misleading to investors as well.

Hunter Biden conspiracy

Who is Martin Aspen? Here’s why Christopher Balding claims fake AI-generated human sparked Hunter Biden conspiracy

‘The profile picture for Aspen immediately showed signs of being a computer-generated image that can be created by computers,’ a report read

Hunter Biden has been at the center of allegations after an explosive report claimed controversial emails and documents from his laptop had been leaked. A month before that, a 64-page document about a conspiracy theory involving his business deals in China went viral.

As per NBC News, the document that was reportedly disseminated by close associates of President Donald Trump appears to be the work of a fake “intelligence firm” called Typhoon Investigations, according to researchers and public documents. The same report says that the author of the document — a self-identified Swiss security analyst named Martin Aspen — was created with an artificial intelligence face generator, according to an analysis by disinformation researchers.

Reports say that “no one by that name had ever worked for the company and that no one by that name lives in Switzerland, according to public records and social media searches”. A blogger and professor named Christopher Balding first took credit for writing parts of it and said that Aspen does not exist when asked about it.

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