A Twitter botnet lobbying for a Supreme Court nominee

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Judicial Crisis Network? Who are these people?
Apparently someone had already set up several websites in support of conservative judicial contenders.

Within minutes of Trump’s announcement of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination last year, the dark money group Judicial Crisis Network launched a site called ConfirmGorsuch.com. Looks like someone has sites ready to go for tonight’s announcement as well.
As soon as Kavanaugh’s nomination was announced, his site went “live”. And sure enough there is a link to Judicial Crisis Network at the bottom of the page.
Justice Kennedy announced his resignation on June 27. Did Judicial Crisis Network set up these domains and websites that quickly? How far in advance was this planned? We were curious, so we checked the dates of the domain registrations and hosting.
Turned out this was planned along time ago
The Confirm Kavanaugh domain was purchased in February 2017. The Confirm Kethledge and Confirm Hardiman domains were purchased even earlier – in December 2016! Hosting was set up for those three domains in May of 2017. Confirm Barrett was purchased and hosted in November of 2017.
Judicial Crisis Network spent $7 million to block the confirmation of Merrick Garland and $10 million on ads to secure Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation.
Where did they get this kind of money? Mainly from a single anonymous donor. Someone donated nearly $18 million dollars to this organization. Who was it? No one knows.
That man is Leonard Leo.
Read this beautifully researched Daily Beast article about him. 
Read it and weep.

A Catholic fundamentalist who controls a network of right-wing groups funded by dark money has put three justices on the court. Alito, Roberts, and Gorsuch. He’s about to get a fourth.

Jul. 09, 2018

At the center of the network is Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society, the association of legal professionals that has been the pipeline for nearly all of Trump’s judicial nominees. (Leo is on leave from the Federalist Society to personally assist Trump in picking a replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy.) His formal title is executive vice president, but that role belies Leo’s influence.

Directly or through surrogates, he has placed dozens of life-tenure judges on the federal bench; effectively controls the Judicial Crisis Network, which led the opposition to President Obama’s high court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland; he heavily influences the Becket Fund law firm that represented Hobby Lobby in its successful challenge of contraception; and now supervises admissions and hires at the George Mason Law School, newly renamed in memory of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Koch Brothers behind the Supreme Court hijacked by Catholic Church Federalist Society Leonard Leo

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