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Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc.
NetHappenings Newsletter 10-27-2020
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“A week after The Markup flagged a discriminatory job ad, Facebook quietly removed the “multicultural affinity” targeting category. The move follows years of news reports on how Facebook allowed racial profiling on its platform:

FBI Sits on Report Detailing White-Supremacist Terror Threat

San Francisco’s “Overpaid CEO tax” measure targets disparity
“During a normal year, they would have fought it,” said San Francisco supervisor Matt Haney, who introduced the measure.

UC Berkeley disavows a recent eugenic research fund

Grayshift, The Startup That Breaks Into iPhones For The Feds, Raises $47 Million 
As Upturn said in its report, the widespread use of forensics tools like the GrayKey “represents a dangerous expansion in law enforcement’s investigatory powers.” “Given how routine these searches are today, together with racist policing policies and practices, it’s more than likely that these technologies disparately affect and are used against communities of color,” Upturn wrote.

[sarcastic shit]I don’t see anything wrong here… do you?
… Mention -> Authority -> Access Requested -> Pay Ransom to Capitalism -> Access Granted -> Bloatware ???


EARS — #PSA This is a kind reminder that the largest uniquely identifiable area of the human body is your ears. They can be mapped from afar using software with very high accuracy. Share this & remember to always cover your ears to help protect your anonymity.
Epstein didn’t kill himself? Photoshopped ears? or maybe the Military mask department didn’t get the ears right.
Jonna Mendez, who spent 27 years working for the CIA, was in charge of creating advanced disguises for agents to use on undercover missions.

SURVEILLANCE EarVN1.0: A new large-scale ear images dataset in the wild
Ear recognition is starting to grow as an alternative to other biometric recognition types in recent years. The EarVN1.0 dataset is constructed by collecting ear images of 164 Asian peoples during 2018. It is among the largest ear datasets publicly to the research community which composed by 28,412 colour images of 98 males and 66 females. Thus, this dataset is different from previous works by providing images of both ears per person under unconstrained conditions.


Woman may Woman have caught coronavirus in airplane toilet, researchers say

Researchers link 59 Irish COVID cases to inbound long-haul flight – PaxEx.Aero





“Today, I found a new treasure in the genre, @damienslash’s impersonation of Bob Dylan singing a “standard user agreement.” It is the most remarkable 34 seconds I’ve experienced since waking.
The rise and rise of terms of service is a genuinely astonishing cultural dysfunction. Think of what a bizarre pretense we all engage in, that anyone, ever, has read these sprawling garbage novellas of impenetrable legalese.

Stream YouTube URL directly to mplayer Using id

Repository with text of DMCA takedown notices as received.

One liner to clone the DMCA censored “youtube-dl” from the DMCA repo: git clone -n

2013 Chilling Effects

They don’t want anyone to share this code:

 mplayer $(echo -s "$(curl $youtube_url | sed -n "/watch_fullscreen/s;.*\(video_id.\+\)&title.*;\1;p")&fmt=22")

Woops.   RIAA: Please go die in a fire.

The Network: How a Secretive Phone Company Helped the Crime World Go Dark
Biker gangs in Australia, drug traffickers in California, and even members of the Sinaloa Cartel all used Phantom’s phones. Rather than treat Phantom as an innocent third party to crime like Apple or Google when criminals use phones made by those companies, authorities said Ramos himself was part of criminal conspiracies. The agents had Ramos on tape suggesting he made the phones to help drug smugglers. On the other side of that hotel room door, when the agents finally stopped asking their questions, there was likely a long prison sentence.


Five cryptologic giants inducted into the NSA/CSS Cryptologic Hall of Honor Release No: PA-001-20 Oct. 16, 2020

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