The university offers certification not an education

At the end of the day,  a university  offers certification NOT EDUCATION

[…] we’re finding in the end of the day, that what a university does is they offer certification not education. 14:08

$60,000 a year for an awful zoom class!

Let Google Train you – no college degree needed


House Democrats subpoenaed three career staff members at the Education Department on Thursday as part of their ongoing investigation into the Trump administration’s role in allowing Dream Center, the operator of two now-defunct for-profit colleges, to mislead students and continue operating the schools despite losing their accreditation.

House Subpoenas DeVos Staff in Probe of For-Profit College

Citing a U.S. News investigation, the House Education Committee is compelling testimony from staffers into agency involvement in a for-profit college’s defrauding of students.

For-Profit Colleges Look to ‘Urban Members of Congress’ to Protect Gains Under Trump

The lobbying strategy by a key industry group targets Black and Hispanic lawmakers whose constituencies, critics say, are among those preyed upon by disreputable for-profit colleges.

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