US militias forge alliances with conspiracy theorists ahead of election

US militias White Supremacists forge alliances with conspiracy theorists ahead of election



Anti-government and anti-science advocates joined by founder of militia group at Red Pill Expo in Georgia

He boasted to the Red Pill audience that he had also made a laudatory video about Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager charged in August in the killing of two people during anti-police brutality protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Willis praised the alleged shooter, whom Trump also notably failed to denounce, as a “very stand-up citizen”.

David Icke, the British conspiracy theorist widely denounced for antisemitic hate speech, was beamed into the summit by video from the UK. He traded misinformation about the “pandemic hoax”, accusing a global “cult” of elites of having creating a coronavirus vaccine that was in fact a “sterilization agent” that would be used to destroy humanity.

Icke also encouraged school kids to refuse to wear masks, which he called “face diapers”.

Two other major strains of misinformation were represented at the weekend. Del Bigtree, producer of the anti-vaccination film Vaxxed, which features the disgraced British doctor Andrew Wakefield, also portrayed the pandemic as a global conspiracy aiming to take control over people’s lives.

Bigtree pointed to a poll last month that suggested that two-thirds of Americans would be hesitant to get a Covid vaccine when it first became available. He said the survey showed the anti-vaccination movement was winning: “Man, does it feel good!”

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