Bitcoin is an Insurance Policy against the Dollar

Max Kaiser:
The people are basically too dumb to understand what’s actually happening around them.

The Bank of England can bypass banks (who refuse to lend) and simply deposit digital currency directly into people’s digital wallets.

“The reality is that [the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury] have printed so much money that the likelihood is that we’re going to continue to see asset price inflation independent of who’s in the White House.”

Adding that this is why he holds Bitcoin, “in case the central banks and governments of the world step on a landmine.”


We are witnessing the largest transfer of wealth in Human history under the auspices of “pandemic relief”.

Basically what we have here is a system designed by and operated for a criminal class “We the people” are not part of this equation. The thing that tips the scale is when there are no tangibles to leverage the system. Alan Greenspan brought that up in a hearing with Paul Ryan.

JP Morgan is the cat in the matrix of fiat fraud

Bank board members will come to the conclusion that they should buy bitcoin. My larger thoughts are that there must be a threshold % of total deposits (in a currency) moved to BTC that causes cascading bank failures and hyperinflation.

The last gathering of authoritarian bankers before #Bitcoin overtakes them by this time next year.
The guardians of the global economy will gather this week under the cloud of the worst recession since the Great Depression, and a recovery dependent on scientists finding a coronavirus vaccine.

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