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Trump Says ‘We’re Not Gonna Lose’ The November Election ‘Except if They Cheat

President Donald Trump said the only way he will lose the election is if the Democrats cheat during in an impassioned speech to ultra loyalist supports at a rally in Virginia. Addressing the crowd at Williamsburg International Airport in Newport News, Virginia, Trump warned the group to be vigilant and report anything suspicious with ballot papers as the only way they would lose the vote is if there was “mischief.”

Democrats need to impeach William Barr everyday
That will keep them way to busy to bring anybody up there for the supreme court.

Alarms are ringing everywhere about Trump’s election plot — except in our top newsrooms

Barrett Must Pledge to Recuse from Cases on Election

CREW will nevertheless evaluate Judge Barrett on her commitment to ethics and democracy. That commitment must begin with an unequivocal pledge that she will recuse herself from any cases that come before the Supreme Court concerning the upcoming election. An interesting bit on Amy Coney Barrett from a 1998 article cited in @ebruenig‘s new column: Barrett and her coauthor argued that Catholic judges should recuse themselves from capital punishment cases, as capital punishment violates Catholic teaching.



for all the important info on Trump’s nominee

Replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Amy Coney Barrett is the equivalent of replacing Thurgood Marshall with Clarence Thomas. Or read Catholic Judges in Capitol Cases by Amy Coney Barrett. She makes it pretty clear that she legally can not rule on many cases to include the ACA, Roe v Wade, and Death Penalty cases(Regardless your belief on it) Also her dissent in Kanter v Barr is absolute lunacy.

HEY criminal @SenateGOP ramrodding #SCOTUS

Doug Jones says he will not support Supreme Court nominee before election Alabama Senator @DougJones is getting voted out in November regardless, so this is no surprise. He voted to convict Trump. He was one of the 1st 4 senators to protest with BLM this summer. Prior to the Senate, he prosecuted the KKK.

Right Wing Language is so much more exciting –  Hitler was a great story teller – much better than reading this! “Right wing populism is always more engaging…Nation, protection, the other, anger, fear. That was there in the 30s. That’s not invented by social media”

The ‘Godfather of cybercriminal defense’
How Arkady Bukh, a New York-based immigrant from the former Soviet bloc, emerged as the go-to defense lawyer for the cybercrime underworld.

It appears that Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko has underlined his illegitimacy today by staging an unannounced inauguration while imposing total lockdown in his own capital city. This is the man who claims to have won 80% of the vote. . . sounds exactly what Trump and his henchmen would like to do.

Janine Geske, retired Wisconsin justice, endorses Joe Biden

This Harvard economist proved that the American dream is dead. His latest project shows inequality is getting worse
Harvard Economist Raj Chetty Creates God’s-Eye View of Pandemic Damage

Music as a Technology of Surveillance | Journal of the Society for American Music
This article explores surveillance in cloud-based music streaming. Key catalysts in the transition from ownership- to access-based models of music distribution, services like Spotify, Pandora, or Deezer have positioned themselves as a means of reintegrating listeners into “digital enclosures” over which rights holders exercise greater control. Yet streaming’s promise of remonetizing musical commodities demonetized by filesharing has been called into doubt by difficulties in converting users of advertising-based “freemium” services into paying subscribers.

Former Facebook exec: We made it as addictive as cigarettes on purpose

‘Close to 100% accuracy’: Helsinki airport uses sniffer dogs to detect Covid

You know what’s fabulous? We can trace the current Covid infections mostly to two french tourists that did not follow the rules and were Covid+ and brought it into Iceland and spread it all around! Don’t be an infectious little plague rat, kiddo!
I don’t think people entering Iceland realize that since the DNA of every single Covid sample gets sequenced, we can with some confidence point fingers and say “this is YOUR FAULT” when breaking isolation leads to an outbreak. Imagine if someone dies.



Overturning roe will not end abortion in America. It will end *safe* abortion. This is violence against women, simple as that.
Trump says the laws in some states allow “a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month. . .” Just listen to him. Staggering.

If Trump’s only job was to stand on 5th Avenue and shoot someone, every 2 and 1/2 minutes, 40 hours a week, for his entire 4 year term as president, he would have killed 200,640 Americans—still fewer than have died from Covid-19 on his watch.

GLOBAL EMISSIONS 4 December 2019 0:00
Analysis: Global fossil-fuel emissions up 0.6% in 2019 due to China
Focus on facts, not promises:
“growth of global emissions in 2019 almost entirely due to China, which increased CO2 output by 0.26GtCO2. The rest of the world actually reduced its emissions by -0.02GtCO2, thanks to falling coal use in the US and Europe…”

Zoom discloses it took down US-based activists’ accounts at China’s behest, says it won’t enforce similar censorship requests going forward

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