Education: Your State Health Department vs Your Politicians


Virtual or socially distanced learning may have a negative effect on children’s developing social skills. Adults deprived of consistent and varied peer contact can get just as clumsy at social interactions as inexperienced kids.


Your State Health Department may have told your politicians to wait longer before allowing <students in schools> or customers back inside restaurants, hair salons and other businesses where people will be in close contact.

Your state restaurant association may have written your politician to let people in, allow even more people in a room and make masks optional.

Tennessee launching dashboard tracking COVID-19 in schools.
The Tennessee Department of Education will unveil a new tool, informing parents about COVID-19 cases in their area. The dashboard including district and local school data on new positive COVID-19 cases including students and staff. School districts will provide the data for the dashboard that will be updated on a weekly basis.

Inside Higher Ed: New Database Tracks Reversals in Colleges’ Fall Reopening Plans. “Inside Higher Ed today releases a map and database tracking changes in colleges’ plans for reopening this fall. Scores of colleges and universities have in recent weeks reversed plans they announced in the spring or early summer, and this new feature allows readers to see how the changes have unfolded over time and by region, and to search for individual institutions.”

The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto found that Chinese social media app WeChat and live-streaming app YY had been censoring coronavirus-related keywords since Dec. 31. In a follow-up report released this week, Citizen Lab found that efforts to thwart criticism have continued, with a particular focus on stamping out international criticism of the Chinese government. As the virus hit the US, meanwhile, China also moved to block ‘conspiracy theories, US criticism of China’s political system, critical and neutral references to China-US relations, and US domestic politics,’ The Citizen Lab says.”

250,000 coronavirus cases related to Super Spreader Sturgis Event.


The 80th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally took place from August 7-16 in South Dakota. The town made a lot of money!
The bikers left and took the virus they spread among themselves with them and now all the other states are dealing with sick people and picking up the tab.
Health Editor’s Note: As predicted, we are starting to see reports of how those who attended the Sturgis, S.D. motorcycle rally, who intentionally/purposefully come together, without masks, without physical distancing, openly defiant of the fact that coronavirus is very virulent, have taken COVID-19 back to home states.

Researchers from the Center for Health Economics and Policy Studies at San Diego State University attributed more than 250,000 coronavirus cases to the event by reviewing anonymous cell phone data. They also estimated the rally generated $12.2 billion in public health costs.

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