Be A Patriot and get rid of the DOJ Willaim Barr

Andrea Junker ® @Strandjunker
Is this a good time to remind everyone that SCOTUS Justice Kennedy retired abruptly to make way for Trump’s Brett Kavanaugh, Kennedy’s son Justin signed off on Trump’s loans at Deutsche Bank, those loans were backed by Russians, and Justin’s boss Tom Bowers “killed himself”? [dead bankers]
Barr at DOJ; Pompeo at State; DeJoy at Post Office; the ODNI; Esper at DOD; and the Kennedy/Kavanaugh mess at SCOTUS. We can’t let it go.
William Barr Is Neck-Deep in Extremist Catholic Institutions His troubles don’t only involve his obeisance to Donald Trump. He’s a paranoid right-wing Catholic ideologue
And who paid off Kavanaugh’s debt?
It’s certainly a good time for a financial audit to determine who paid off Kavanaugh’s debt and to look up the process for impeaching a Supreme Court associate justice.
The Mystery of Brett Kavanaugh’s Baseball-Ticket Debt
How did the nominee for the Supreme Court spend $60,000 to $200,000 on Washington Nationals seats—and how did he pay it off so quickly?

Bill Barr Repeatedly Lied, Under Oath, about Judge Amy Berman Jackson

Attorney General William Barr claimed in an NBC News interview that former President Barack Obama posed the “greatest danger” to democracy in the 2016 election — not Russia.

William Barr’s new defense of Trump actually unmasks his corruption

And never forget what McConnell did to Merrick Garland – another seat stolen.

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