Full control over your android phone: the PinePhone


A budget device developed by Pine64 and supported by the Linux community. Despite its many (many, many) limitations, the PinePhone is still the most interesting phone

Right now there are 17 operating systems available for the PinePhone, in various stages of development. Some are designed from the ground up for mobile, like Ubuntu Touch and Sailfish, while others are based on existing desktop Linux distributions, like Mobian (Debian), Fedora, and Arch Linux.


The PinePhone features six switches that can be used to configure its hardware. They are numbered 1-6, with switch 1 located nearest to the modem. Their “on” position is toward the top of the phone.

The Necuno is a mobile device emphasizing security and user privacy.[2] It uses Plasma Mobile, but can run a variety of open-source mobile operating systems.[2] Apart from an isolated firmware blob without access to the main memory[3] (used in the Wi-fi driver for regulatory reasons[4]) it is mostly open-source.[1] It therefore does not have a cellular modem, so it must make calls by VOIP, like a pocket computer;[5] it uses a peer-to-peer encrypted communications platform called Ciphra.[6] Standard cellular connectivity is planned for later versions.[7] It is manufactured in Finland, unlike most phones which are manufactured in China.[8] Rather unusually, it has an ethernet port.[7]

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