Rethuglican Party of Liars, Cheaters, and Grifters can’t win.

CyberPlayGround NetHappenings©1989Democrats better stop acting like paralyzed people at the OK corral.


A rapper, off his meds for bi-polar, is put on the ballot by Republicans, to split the vote in Wisconsin, in order to keep a white nationalist in office. Conveniently off his meds when it was announced he got a $5 million PPP loan. He’s was certainly of sound mind to apply for it.

“President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, met privately last weekend with Kanye West, the rapper who has filed petitions to get on the November ballots for president in several states.”

Jared is complicit in the whole fraudulent scheme, and probably the brains behind it. This is straight up conspiracy to commit election fraud!

Who is this Republican lawyer that works for the Trump Campaign that is going in with all these names for Kanye West?

Lane Ruhland is an experienced GOP operative with ties to President Trump’s campaign.

Political Finance and Compliance

  • Served on legal team representing Republican National Committee (RNC) in 2016 presidential election recount in Wisconsin.
  • Developed comprehensive election integrity program for state of Wisconsin during Governor Scott Walker’s 2014 re-election campaign.
  • As Election Day Operations Director for Republican Party of Wisconsin, advised on campaign finance compliance.
  • more

Lane Ruhland filed West’s filing paperwork and signatures on Tuesday. She’s also representing President Donald Trump in court. Ruhland recently represented the Trump campaign in its lawsuit to force Priorities USA, a Democratic super-PAC, to pull an anti-Trump ad off the airwaves.


Bar Complaint Claims Kanye West’s Campaign Lawyer is Violating the Rules by Simultaneously Working For Trump

A government watchdog group on Friday filed a complaint against Lane Ruhland with the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) alleging the attorney has been violating ethics and conflict of interest obligations by working for both the presidential campaigns of both Kanye West and Donald Trump.
Ruhland – the former general counsel for the state Republican party and senior counsel at law firm Husch Blackwell – made headlines on Tuesday when a local reporter recorded her hand delivering West’s nominating petitions with state regulators in Madison, Wisconsin.

Ruhland’s name appeared on a legal brief filed in Wisconsin federal court on behalf of the Trump campaign as recently as July 27. The docket for that case, a lawsuit against a small Wisconsin television station for airing a commercial produced by Priorities USA, still lists Ruhland and two other attorneys from her firm as legal representatives of the Trump campaign.

Rule 1.7 of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Rules of Professional Conduct, which prohibits an attorney from representing a client where “the representation of one client will be directly adverse to another client” — which the group says is directly applicable to Ruhland’s alleged dual representation.

VIDEO — Hayes Calls out ‘Republican Hacks’ Helping Kanye in ‘Cynical Effort’ to Boost Trump’s 2020 Chances
HAYES: “You had a Republican election lawyer who works for Trump’s campaign who worked on the 2016 election trying to get him elected trying to get Kanye West on the ballot. And it was not just her.
‘At least five Republicans are involved in trying to get West on the ballot in various states’

Kanye West’s lawyer Michael Curran demands Democrats prove Mickey Mouse didn’t really sign his ballot petition in Wisconsin
Kanye West, who is running under a self-created political entity he calls “the Birthday Party,” has filed to run in a number of states, aided by Republican election strategists who appear to hope he will pull votes from former Vice President Joe Biden. In addition to fake names, the challenge alleges that West’s signature-gatherers lied to at least six people about what they were signing, and filed the paperwork just after the deadline.

This is all pretty damn illegal, a huge violation of election law, but you know, laws are optional for the GOP at this point.

Could Kanye West Be Charged With Electoral Fraud?
Two states have determined the majority of signatures on the rapper’s presidential petitions are invalid.

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