Fox News suit: Ed Henry accused of rape, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson accused of harassment

Lawsuit accuses ex-Fox News reporter Ed Henry of rape, says Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson harassed other woman

  • A bombshell lawsuit accuses former Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry of raping one woman, and says that the network’s star anchor Sean Hannity once offered $100 to staffers to “date” a second woman who also accuses Henry of sexual harassment.
  • The suit says that in addition to Henry, plaintiff Cathy Areu was sexually harrassed by multiple other men at Fox News, including Hannity, the host Tucker Carlson, journalist Howard Kurtz and network political analyst Gianno Caldwell.
  • The other plaintiff, Areu’s fellow former Fox News employee Jennifer Eckhart, claims that Henry raped her, in addition to committing other sexual misconduct against her.

Fox News Staff rape and harass women, they will all get fired and go to jail, like everyone else the works for Trump.

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  1. Tucker Carlson’s fans follow his suggestion to dox New York Times reporter
    Right-wing media also spread claim, denied by the Times, that the paper was going to publish Carlson’s address

    Right-wing media figures and outlets are repeating Carlson’s accusation
    The Washington Examiner, The Federalist, The Daily Caller, right-wing radio host Bill Mitchell, The Post Millennial, RealClearPolitics writer Mark Hemingway, and ABC’s The View co-host Meghan McCain.

    Rape Allegations Against Fox New Anchor Reveal The Network’s Massive Sexual Misconduct Problems workplace culture

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