Generation Z Born after 1996 are now college seniors

Generation Z Born after 1996 are now college seniors.

They use Instagram. Zuckerberg owns Instagram.

Facebook owns Instagram . Zuckerberg owns Facebook.

Only old people use Facebook. They still don’t see the harm in it – stupid.

Folks who built the internet are now in their 80’s & 90’s they never used facebook / instagram / tic tok / they knew what WW1 and WW2 meant.

Acting with Agency: You need to understand how you are being used.

You are the product. You don’t own your data.

Generation Z – You are the serf. You are the rent. You work on Maggie’s Farm.

“Social” actually means talking to people face to face, speaking to them at dinner or talking on  phone.

f2f with real people in real time is social!


“Social”  doesn’t mean buttons that hit  – share – save – – comments are  data.  — these are data points

You are Data – Zuckerber owns your DATA – He sells your data.

Z Manipulates those Dopamine Hits

[language] audience engagement – bullshit

[language] call-to-actions:  direct call-to-action

[language] messaging to captions “share this with a friend” or “save this for later”

[language] #HashTags used for related accounts #saveforlater explore related accounts

#replies #hits #shares #saves #hits #traffic #hits #viral #hits = bullshit Its all Hate for profit all the time Advertising dollars a for Mark Zuckerberg

FUCK Zuckerberg profits from hate

Do something else with your life get off of Maggie’s Farm


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