Highest Paid U.S. CEOs: Top Salaries in 2019

Wall Street is BAD, But Tech CEOs ARE REALLY BAD TOO



DURING COVID TIMES Socially and environmentally damaging behavior.

Wages as a share of the U.S. economy are near their lowest level since the Federal Reserve began collecting such data in the 1940s. Meanwhile, the Economic Policy Institute estimates that CEO compensation has grown more than 900% over the past four decades, compared with just 12% for the typical worker.


Executives, particularly in tech, are taking home far more than those bankers ever made—even during the boom years before the financial crisis—without a fraction of the scrutiny or the outrage.

No one embodies this better than Elon Musk, the space and electric-car titan who was the highest-paid executive in the U.S. for 2019 with $595.3 million, according to the Bloomberg Pay Index.

Tim Cook CEO Apple Inc. MADE $$$$$$$$$$$$ 133,727,869.00

Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook ranks second, the index shows, mostly thanks to an equity grant he got in 2011. Tom Rutledge, the CEO of Charter Communications Inc., is third.

Only one person from finance—Blackstone Group Inc. Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Gray—makes the top 10, with $107.6 million.

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