Pedo Catholic Church received $1.4 billion in PPP “loans”

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The Pedo Catholic Church received $1.4 billion in PPP “loans”

that they will never pay back all thanks to lobbying, so the lie of economic austerity from both parties is really now untenable.

The trillions sent out by Congress are more than enough to cover single-payer healthcare, a green federal jobs guarantee, etc.

Here Are The 5 Phoenixville Priests On ‘Credibly Accused’ List
ProPublica has released the most comprehensive list yet on ‘credibly accused’ clergy. Here are the 5 with Phoenixville ties on the list.

Ex-Pastor Tried To Have Judge Murdered From Montco Prison: Cops
A former pastor convicted of sex crimes tried to pay someone to kill the judge that sentenced him, as well as another pastor, police said.

Defrocked Bucks County priest faces assault charges after victims come forward 20 years later

Trump allows Employers to Refuse Birth Control

Free public college, student debt zeroed, social services instead of violent traditional police departments.

Starting in the new Congress in Jan. 2021, there’s clearly no excuse for Dems not to invest in the productive measures of  #MedicareForAll


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The ballpark revenue requirements of these necessary and moral investments aren’t widely known. They are doable!

Budgeting for M4A calls for $1 trillion/year in progressive taxes going to gov’t instead of current payments to private health insurance, saving taxpayers thousands.

Yale Study Says Medicare for All Would Save U.S. $450 Billion Prevent Nearly 70,000 Deaths a Year

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