Ghislaine Maxwell, Putin, Epstein Sex Tapes, Kleiner Perkins Boodle Boys

Talk of the town 1942

This is your law and your finest possession. It makes you free people in a free country.
Think of this country and the law that makes it what it is.
Think of the world crying for this very law.
Then maybe you’ll understand why you ought to guard it and why the law has git to be the personal concern for every citizen, to uphold it for your neighbor as well as yourself.

Ghislaine Maxwell may have Epstein’s  sex tapes as an insurance policy to save herself from federal charges.

“The fact that Ghislaine Maxwell just so happened to be arrested right after Barr + Trump got Berman fired? They chose now because Barr fired Berman.
Barr’s father gave Epstein his first job teaching teens at Dalton Private School..
– Epstein gave Trump the 13 year old he hired at Mar-a-largo to rub down clients, (pay stubs exist!)
– Berman was fired by Barr (illegally) because he was seeking to interview Prince Andrew.
– Maxwell now arrested randomly (after a year or so) and is represented by Dershowitz a Trump lapdog.

Ellen Pao, former Reddit CEO and partner at VC giant Kleiner Perkins

Perkins the  original Boodle Boy

The Charmer, China Trade Clipper Ship launched 1854

The Charmer, China Trade Clipper Ship … twice as many Chinese opium addicts (and for that matter, British opium … the machinery that allowed it to control the Canton market for Turkish opium.” Perkins & Company became the first American firm to operate a “storeship” at Lintin in a new smugglin.
Hon’ble John’s Band
“When we sold the Heathen nations rum and opium in rolls,
And the Missionaries went along to save their sinful souls.”
The Old Clipper Days
–Julian S. Cutler
William H. Russell (Skull &Bones; co-founder-1833) cousin Samuel Russell formally established Russell & Co. on January 1, 1824 for the purpose of acquiring opium and smuggling it to China.

Russell & Co. merged with the number one US trader, the J. & T.H. Perkins “Boston Concern” in 1829.

By the mid-1830s the opium trade had become “the largest commerce of its time in any single commodity, anywhere in the world.” Russell & Co. and the Scotch firm Jardine-Matheson, then the world’s largest opium dealer working together were known as the “Combination.”
George HW Bush (S&B 1948) was born in Milton, Massachusetts not far from the historic home of Robert Bennett Forbes, a Russell partner. The RICHEST American family fortunes were built on the “China”(opium) trade. They smuggles opium for silver to pay for the profits even when the Chinese Government told them NOT TO.
👀Ellen Pao, former Reddit CEO and partner at VC giant Kleiner Perkins, says Ghislaine Maxwell attended Kleiner’s holiday party in 2011, and “we knew” about her alleged role in Epstein sex trafficking. Pao has since made her twitter account private.
👀Here’s a list of the greedy people preventing tech from moving forward by supporting a CEO pushed out under a wave of sexual harassment lawsuits describing the company as “run like a frat house” where “everyone was having sex with anyone”

All Roads lead to Russia/Putin !!

@mikefarb1 #unhackthevote
More than 250 Trump Organization Subdomains are in Communication with Computers in Russia!!

Masha Drokova

PR is just the politically acceptable term for propagandist.
@dayonevc and @mashadrokova

Masha Drokova, Epstein’s PR lackey before he died.
This is a photo of her when she was leading Putin’s youth movement.

“I don’t know exact pathway. Esther Dyson helped get Masha’s visa to US. Epstein funded Edge which Esther is a part of. Don’t know if there is a direct connection Putin-Epstein. Could be Russian-Israeli mafia. The crypto PR community seems to front a lot of that. Bitcoin lady Rachel Wolfson who did PR for Epstein worked for/with Masha. Masha prompted SingularityNet and Sophia the robot which Epstein funded. Tangled little web.”

[2017] Masha DROKOVA, Epstein’s publicist was a Russian 28-year old pro-Putin activist and Nashi youth leader turned current Silicon Valley investor in AI and Bitcoin

Maria Butina

Deutsche Bank Settles Over Ignored Red Flags on Jeffrey Epstein

The German lender repeatedly overlooked suspicious transactions, including payments to people a New York regulator described as his co-conspirators.

👀1,100 Ex-Justice Officials Call On William Barr To Resign Amid Roger Stone Case


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  1. Allegedly Esther Dyson of “Edge” got Masha Drokova her visa and served as her mentor. Esther Dyson is FREEMAN DYSON’s daughter
    Freeman Dyson |

    Ms. Drokova says she has “lost count” of the number of times she had met with Mr. Putin. She said she hasn’t been in touch with him or his government since 2010. Tech investor Esther Dyson, who sits on the board of Russian search engine giant Yandex NV, said she has been a mentor to Ms. Drokova. “Most amazing people had some kind of a learning experience,” Ms. Dyson said. “With the help of her Nashi experience, she has gained a respect for the truth.”

    EPSTEIN INVESTED IN “EDGE” with Esther Dyson: |

    Also, Esther Dyson was training to be a Cosmonaut for a while… and lived in Russia…

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