Trump Rallies are the Gov’t Sanctioned Whipping Posts for Media Entertainment

Trump Rallies are Government Sanctioned Brutality shows for Spectators

Where is the whipping post for the Donald?

Donald’s next realty TV Photo Op idea.

The State of Delaware whipped people, disproportionately Black people, until 1952.

Trump whips up the crowd. Show #MAGA whippings  one last time. Give Trump 60 Lashes Make America Great Again!

He whips up the crowd

REMOVE #HateForProfit Trump Rallies from all Media Platforms.


Delaware formally removed whippings from its criminal justice laws in 1972.

For a single offense, people could be lashed up to 40 times.
Delaware was the last state to stop tying people to whipping posts and lashing their bare backs as criminal punishment.

“The whipping post was part of the spectacle punishment used in Delaware at the time.  I know people who have seen people whipped at that whipping post and have never forgot it,” Young said. CNN

Old Sussex County Courthouse in Georgetown, Delaware
The post was installed on the public courthouse grounds in 1993.
The 8-foot tall concrete post standing beside the historic Sussex County Courthouse will be removed.

A replica of a stockade also was quietly removed from another private property near the post without fanfare, local officials said. The placard stated that in 1852 the law was changed to limit the maximum number of lashes one could receive in one instance to 60. 

It doesn’t mention that everyone was potentially subject to the punishment before the law began to evolve. First, children were exempted. Then, white women were exempted. Later, in 1889, Black women were spared the potential lash.

The placard also said that cameras were forbidden. It doesn’t mention that ban was because Delaware’s politicians were embarrassed by negative publicity coming from out of state, and, instead of abolishing the post, those leaders essentially criminalized photographing its use. DELAWARE ONLINE

The Allman Brothers Band
Whipping Post – 9/23/1970
Fillmore East

Gregg Allman – organ, vocals
Duane Allman – guitar, vocals
Dickey Betts – guitar, vocals
Berry Oakley – bass, vocals
Butch Trucks – drums
Jai Johanny Johanson – drums
Tom Doucette – harp

When Greg introduced this song to Duane, Duane said “I didn’t know you knew how to write in 11/8 time”.  Greg responded “what’s 11/8”?

Polyrhythms  / Polyrhythmic – where this comes from and why they could hear this?

One of the greatest rock and roll performances of all time…

they were only in their early 20’s at this point… when this was recorded.
– Vietnam was raging  / Makong Delta  /

These are my generation’s licks – people pushing 75. We got the best, thank you.

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