America demands Medicare for all because $3,120 per patient for remdesivir

America doesn’t have a Health Care System we only  have a Market Place

Demand Medicare For All 

Tell your senators: Support Medicare for All now

Tell Your Senators: Co-Sponsor the Medicare for All Act of 2019

IT is proven to save us money.

Yale Study Says Medicare for All Would Save U.S. $450 Billion Prevent Nearly 70,000 Deaths a Year

Better save Medicare and save America

Majority of all Voters want Medicare for All!

Chinese Covid19 might infect 70 percent we need Medicare For All

The first proven coronavirus treatment has a price tag. Gilead Sciences will charge U.S. hospitals $3,120 per typical patient for the drug remdesivir, while other countries will be charged lower amounts.

$3,120 per typical patient

$3,120 per typical patient

$3,120 per typical patient

$3,120 per typical patient

$3,120 per typical patient

  • Drugmaker to charge $520 per vial for U.S. commercial insurers
  • Governments can purchase drug directly at lower cost
    Gilead Sciences Inc. said that it will charge U.S. hospitals roughly $3,120 for most patients who need remdesivir, picking a <middle ground> in a high-profile decision on the cost of one of the first drugs for Covid-19.

    $3,120 for most patients who need remdesivir

    $3,120 for most patients who need remdesivir

    $3,120 for most patients who need remdesivir

    $3,120 for most patients who need remdesivir

    Patients suffering from the illness caused by the novel coronavirus are usually given six vials of remdesivir over five days. The price, which comes to $520 a vial, would apply to commercially insured patients in the U.S., according to a letter from Gilead Chief Executive Officer Daniel O’Day posted on the company’s website Monday.

    It plans charge $390 a vial, or $2,340 for a five-day regimen, for direct government purchases by the U.S. or other developed countries.

Daniel P O’Day Chairman/CEO, Gilead Sciences Inc

2019 O’Day SALARY  pay: $29.11 million


Albert Bourla, Pfizer 2019 total pay: $17,928,963

Albert Bourla, DVM, Ph.D. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Bourla received a massive 82% increase to his total pay package, finishing out 2019 with close to $18 million (PDF). That’s not far off from Ian Read’s last pay package as CEO, taking into account the 30% reduction in total compensation when he stepped up to the chairman’s job.
AS of 2020, Albert has a total net worth of USD 22.8 million. 

Marketing @AlbertBourla

Equity is a core value to who we are as a company at @PfizerToday we have decided to join the #StopHateForProfit movement.

“Stop Hate for Profit”

Albert will only stop  spending with Zuckerberg  for  1 month !!!!



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