This is how we Medical Now! Older Adults can drink.

Moderate drinking may improve cognitive health for older adults, study says

If you enjoy a daily cocktail or some wine with dinner, you’ll want to raise your glass to this: A new study found low to moderate drinking may improve cognitive function for White middle-aged or older adults.

Low to moderate drinking was defined as less than eight drinks per week for women and less than 15 drinks per week for men.
The findings support prior research which found that, generally, one standard drink a day for women and two a day for men — which is the US guidance — appears to offer some cognitive benefits.
A standard alcoholic drink in the US is defined as 14 grams or milliliters of alcohol. That measurement varies around the world; for example, a standard drink is 8 grams in the UK and 10 grams in Australia. In Australia the guidelines suggest no more than 10 standard drinks a week.

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