Internet Culture Wars #QAnon #TakeTheOath “digital soldiers” for Orange Hitler

Yes Orange Hitler and his son Eric encourages the #QAnon army of citizens to take the oath of a soldier.

The Internet Twitter Culture Wars are real. They now include being “Digitally Deputized!

The takeover of information by the “social media”
The People’s General! Gen. Flynn 2024 supported by Digital Soldiers everywhere!

Meanwhile there is no  great way to show you the TicTok Kpop culture having video fun spoofing the QAnon oath takers.

QAnon believers literally take the military oath of enlistment, except they’re digital soldiers fighting for Trump and Flynn, not actual soldiers fighting to defend the constitution.

And yes lots of bible (no other religions are accepted).




like this @QAnon_Report

they also hang here

4 thoughts on “Internet Culture Wars #QAnon #TakeTheOath “digital soldiers” for Orange Hitler”

  1. I have taken the “Oath” 22 years ago when I became a police officer.
    NO-ONE or NOTHING has relinquished me from said oath!
    Yet, I will gladly take it again as a “Digital Soldier”!!!!
    I believe in the cause, I believe in God and man, and most importantly, I believe in this great nation of ours and our POTUS whom God has placed to be our leader!!!

    1. Your oath requires you to respect the Constitution.
      In our Constitutional Democracy the leader of the State is elected.
      No one picks a God to appoint him.
      The groundless assertion some Deity placed a vicious psychopath as President means you deny the Separation of Church and State enshrined there.
      Your oath requires you to respect and follow the law.
      The President is an indicted conspirator, has had to bribe his way out of prosecutions, faces many more when he is forced to leave.
      Trump has had close to 100 executive orders declared illegal.
      How many lies do you have to ignore?
      Do you preach this to your prisoners as part of your smug pursuit of their punishment?
      If you can not tell right from wrong, truth from lies, racism from leadership, an epidemic from tests, bowing to Putin from foreign policy, you belong in no public position – even on a beat (because you wouldn’t understand the word.)
      Jonathan A. Weiss Esq.

      10th U.S. President John Tyler’s family still alive with living memories #MAGA

  2. If you listen to #Fox #Hannity you’ll get covid-19 and die – #covidiots
    AvengerOfTruth, SachaBaronCohen
    was just here to demonize Patriots at the #MarchForOurRights Rally in Olympia WA. Here’s the truth about the matter
    #FB lost ~$55.8 billion in value today, costing Zuck ~$15.75 billion. Amplifying hate for profit is no longer acceptable.

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