Book Reviews in the practice of Folklife

“Right Makes Might”: Proverbs and the American Worldview.

Island Gospel: Pentecostal Music and Identity in Jamaica and the
United States.

Music in Portugal and Spain: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture.

Quinceañera Style: Social Belonging and Latinx Consumer Identities.

The Practice of Folklore: Essays toward a Theory of Tradition

Earl Scruggs and Foggy Mountain Breakdown: The Making of an American Classic

Capital Bluegrass: Hillbilly Music Meets Washington, DC.

Blues Legacy: Tradition and Innovation in Chicago.

Rethinking American Music

Beyond Fingal’s Cave: Ossian in the Musical Imagination.

The Native Greenlander: Folktales of Greenland

Reciprocal Ethnography and the Power of Women’s Narratives

Savu: History and Oral Tradition on an Island of Indonesia.

In Memory of Aaron Swartz

Swartz was arrested on 13 federal felony charges that carried the possibility of millions of dollars in fines and a prison sentence of 35 years, and the U.S. Justice Department (encouraged, reportedly by MIT) did not back away from its over-the-top prosecution of Swartz — even though JSTOR, JFRR the supposed aggrieved party, didn’t want to press charges

and to celebrate the  Creative Commons

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