3 thoughts on “White House adviser Kevin Hassett: “Our human capital stock is ready to go back to work.””

  1. If “human capital stock” is the phase you’re using to describe human labor, then you’ve lost sight of the fact that economics is a human science

  2. “Amazon has granted the Taylorism machines that monitor shipping-center productivity the right to automatically fire workers it deem slacking, without a need for supervisor input . The algorithms are literally in charge here. ”Approximately 300 employees turned over in Baltimore related to productivity in this timeframe,” an Amazon spokesperson said. This is straight out of Orwell’s euphemisms for the unspeakable. “Turned over” = Fire. “Productivity” = Didn’t pack your shampoo fast enough.

  3. “One of the things that we hear consistently from workers is that they are treated like robots in effect because they’re monitored and supervised by these automated systems,” Mitchell says. “They’re monitored and supervised by robots.”” I wonder if people who wrote and deployed those algorithms can sleep at night. They need to unionize as soon as possible.

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