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Without A Vaccine, Herd Immunity Won’t Save Us
Let’s design an imaginary disease. Call it Fictionitis.
Set five people infected with Fictionitis loose in a simulated population of 10,000.

Cellphone location data shows anti-lockdown protesters travel hundreds of miles and cross state borders to attend protests, potentially carrying the infection back to their home location.

With Occupy Wall Street: organizers tapped into the mass discontentment and organized things. Thus, the other side refused to accept there was a movement and instead called it “astroturfing”.

The Pentagon is getting ready to live with COVID-19 without an effective vaccine until “at least the summer of 2021” according to a draft DoD memo for SecDef Mark Esper

You don’t wear a mask to protect yourself, or because you are afraid.  You wear a mask to protect everyone else.
Just like jury duty or military service.Wearing a mask can reduce coronavirus transmission by 75%.

Staying safe isn’t just about hygiene and distance. It’s ALSO about time. Covid-19 infection, like with other illnesses, is related to prolonged time exposed to the virus. The longer you stay in an environment that may contain the virus, the higher the risk of getting sick.
An infected person talking or even just breathing still releases some virus into the air, and over a long period of time in an enclosed space, that could still infect others.

The State Department Inspector General removed by Trump was looking into whether Mike Pompeo made a staffer walk his dog, pick up dry cleaning, and make dinner reservations for Pompeo and his wife, among other personal errands, per two congressional officials.
American Oversight
Check out our full list of FOIA requests related to Susan Pompeo’s role at the State Department here

Biden is beating Trump in Georgia

You can teach an entire college class on how to lie with statistics based on the X-axis of this graph from the Georgia state government. The governor of Georgia has now issued an apology for this abomination of a chart.

Joe Biden would rescind President Donald Trump’s permit allowing the Keystone XL oil pipeline to cross the border into the U.S., a move that would effectively kill the controversial project.

A Virginia potato farmer invited Pres Trump to visit his farm.

TRUMP: “I might. I’ll be there. We’re going after VA. With your crazy governor? We’re going after VA. They want to take your second amendment away. You know that, right? You’ll have nobody guarding your potatoes.”

Poll shows Sen. Martha McSally losing ground to D. Mark Kelly

Florida and Georgia got caught deliberately under-reporting deaths and New cases of the #RepublicansVirus. They didn’t want to scare tourists from coming to their states because they want their money…even if it costs the tourists their health and lives.

@NYGovCuomo asked if NYS is coordinating w/ the feds re: border control/screening travelers jumping off flights from Europe/Asia. He says no, plus the NY “does not do passports,” border control. Past couple days he’s reiterated COVID-19 came from Europe/China via airplane.


“in his book, Bailout, Barofsky says that Paulson told him that he believed Morgan Stanley was “just days” from collapse before government intervention, while Bernanke later admitted that Goldman would have been the next to fall.”

Secrets and Lies of the Bailout

Jane Roe’s Deathbed Confession:

Roe (of “Roe v. Wade” fame) played the part of an anti-abortion crusader in exchange for money.

Those filmmakers, and the rest of the pro-life evangelical community, have another curveball coming. In the final third of director Nick Sweeney’s 79-minute documentary, featuring many end-of-life reflections from McCorvey—who grew up queer, poor, and was sexually abused by a family member her mother sent her to live with after leaving reform school—the former Jane Roe admits that her later turn to the anti-abortion camp as a born-again Christian was “all an act.”
“This is my deathbed confession,” she chuckles, sitting in a chair in her nursing home room, on oxygen. Sweeney asks McCorvey, “Did [the evangelicals] use you as a trophy?” “Of course,” she replies. “I was the Big Fish.” “Do you think you would say that you used them?” Sweeney responds. “Well,” says McCorvey, “I think it was a mutual thing. I took their money and they took me out in front of the cameras and told me what to say. That’s what I’d say.” She even gives an example of her scripted anti-abortion lines. “I’m a good actress,” she points out. “Of course, I’m not acting now.”

The Ukrainian Secret Service arrested today a hacker known as “Sanix” for selling billions of stolen credentials
– He’s the hacker who actually compiled all those “collections” leaked in 2019
– Collections were leaked by a rival data broker after a spat
Hacker arrested in Ukraine for selling billions of stolen credentials
Hacker “Sanix” has been selling billions of hacked user credentials on hacker forums and Telegram channels.

Libra Taps Another Former FinCEN Official as General Counsel
The Switzerland-based entity managing the Facebook-led Libra project has added a former U.S. government official as its general counsel. Announced by the Libra Association Tuesday, Robert Werner joins the project with “a wealth of regulatory, financial crime compliance and enforcement experience” from his previous roles as director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Werner has also acted as senior counsel for the Under Secretary of the Treasury, Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, and assistant general counsel for Enforcement and Intelligence in the Office of the General Counsel. The new addition marks Libra’s second hire of a former FinCEN official after Stuart Levey was brought on board as its first chief executive early in May. Levey – who is leaving HBSC for the new role – is expected to join “later this summer” to oversee Libra’s efforts to “combine technology innovation with a robust compliance and regulatory framework.”
In mid April, the Geneva-incorporated Libra Association kicked off the process of applying for a payment system license with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority – a move it said was “an important milestone as the Libra Association moves to a more operational phase of the project.”
The project has had its issues to date, however. After a tidal wave of regulatory kickback for its original concept of a stablecoin linked to a basket of fiat currencies, the plan was watered down somewhat in April, and it will now develop a number of stablecoins each representing a different fiat currency.
Prior to joining Libra, Werner was also the founder and CEO of GRH Consulting and had held senior positions at financial firms including HSBC, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

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