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Stop using google – duckduckgo etc.

USE MetaGer – Characteristic qualities

Implementation of free access to knowledge and digital democracy with:

  • access to knowledge without control and dictation by states or trusts.
  • no storage of private data, highest demand of privacy.
  • and anonymous access also to the search results, therefore.
  • realized through: anonymous proxy and the Hidden-Tor-Branch,
  • as an Open-Source-Software which allows examining and checks.
  • these features are realized not only for search and find of informations but also for route-planning and geographical search (, WITHOUT tracking any locations.
  • embedded in a transparent organization (Nonprofit organization SUMA-EV), everyone can be part of it. Become a member: of the SUMA-EV

What are the advantages of using MetaGer?

  • Privacy is quite natural for us: Completely built in and automatically applied to every search. More about privacy…
  • We do not work profit-oriented, we are a charitable association: Our goal is not to enrich ourselves with your clicks or even your data.
  • MetaGer is primarily a meta search engine: We query up to 50 search engines. Thus we can offer real variety in results.
  • For our results, we do not prefer results that are clicked more often: This also gives you variety, instead of mainstream.
  • MetaGer is online since about 20 years: Our experience is your advantage – we know what we do.
  • We only use green electricity for our servers.
  • But we are not perfect as well: If you encounter something weird: Please contact us! We take your hints seriously: You are most important for us.

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