The Power of ‘electors’ from the Electoral College explained

CyberPlayGround NetHappenings©1989Can electors block Donald Trump  from officially being declared the winner?

HOW THIS WORKS Nobody from the public elects Electoral College Electors. The Party can select anyone they want. They can elect their cousin, the richest, the drunk brother in law, anyone they want.

In most states, electors – typically party loyalists – must pledge to vote for their party’s candidate if that person wins state’s popular vote.

Larry Lessig: “Electors unfettered discretion poses risks for democracy. “
These 538 individuals are empowered to implement the people’s will, not to thwart it,” Ferguson said in court papers.”

Ferguson warned about states being powerless to stop electors who might offer their vote to the highest bidder or are blackmailed by a foreign power.
The Supreme Court  justices will decide if states can penalize so-called “faithless” electors who disregard their pledges with actions such as monetary fines or removal from the role. An elector could legally accept contributions worth millions of dollars in connection with their official duties,” Smith said, “and the public would never know.”

Thirty-two states and the District of Columbia have laws intended to control how electors vote. Only a handful enforce them with penalties.


Republican electors can reject Trump JUST LIKE  Democratic electors rejected Clinton!

10 electors nationwide broke their pledges and Trump defeated Clinton 304-227 in the Electoral College.

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will determine whether electors have the constitutional right to exercise independence and defy the will of the voters - a question touching upon the integrity of American democracy.

Baca’s vote was canceled by Colorado officials. In the two cases, Chiafalo, Baca and two other faithless electors, as well as two others who cast their votes as pledged, argue that by penalizing electors states violate their rights under the Constitution’s Article II and its 12th Amendment, which delineate the Electoral College process.



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