Whatsapp owned by FatBuck Zuckerberg filing

Wow, @WhatsApp just dropped a bunch of hacking group NSO’s IPs in their latest filing.
Notably, these were servers located in the USA. THREAD
The meat of these filings is WHATSAPP’s rebuttal of NSO’s claim that because they sell to foreign states, they should be immune to prosecution. “Here, NSO is a for-profit commercial company – decidedly not a foreign state. The filing methodically goes through NSO’s claim for derivative sovereign immunity, pointing out that “no established law recognizes the novel immunity NSO seeks”.
Fun analogy: NSO saying the hacking didn’t violate CFAA because they created a @WhatsApp account is like a reader hacking @nytimes servers and manipulating other readers’ comments…. “untenable consequences would flow”
Ah! Another interesting detail, @WhatsApp engineers observed 723 NSO attacks on users in which phones, once exploited, reached out to NSO-owned servers in California (104.223.76[.]220 – @QuadraNet & 54.93.81[.]200 – >@amazon

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