Dutch rip off the American Tax Payer

US pays Dutch company to design a cheap, easy-to-use ventilator for US stockpile. Before producing even 1, it starts selling a pricier commercial version. Guess who just scored deal w/US to make 43,000 of its pricier version?

Trump, Kushner, Trilogy Evo, Royal Philips N.V. rip off the American Tax Payer

A Company Promised Cheap Ventilators to the Government, Never Delivered and Is Now Charging Quadruple the Price for New Ones


Royal Philips N.V. agreed in September to sell 10,000 ventilators to the U.S. for $3,280 each. It did not deliver. But the Dutch company just announced a new deal with the government. This time, it’s charging roughly $15,000 each.

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