Bernie Won Iowa Pete Buttigieg is a Clinton Shill #PetesBillionaires

Pete Buttigieg is a Clinton Shill with all the usual billionaire disgusting connections

  • Harvard College
  • Oxford University
  • Rhodes Scholarship

#PetesBillionaires oppose #MedicareForAll #PetesBillionaires oppose the #GreenNewDeal #PetesBillionaires don’t want to #CancelStudentDebt

Acronym group that sabotaged Iowa caucus birthed by Silicon Valley billionaire Reid Hoffman who funded Alabama disinformation campaign.


CAMPAIGN 2020: BERNIE SANDERS rips PETE BUTTIGIEG ties to billionaires in fiery NEW HAMPSHIRE speech

Epic fail! Democrats and their Crappy little apps

Mayor Pete claims, without evidence, that he is the winner. He’s the one who needs to give an explanation on his link to Shadow inc.

2020 US Presidential Candidate (D). Entrepreneur
It sure looks like Bernie won Iowa. Excited to compete for the win in New Hampshire on Tuesday!
One thing is undisputed: Bernie won the most votes in Iowa. He got the most votes in the 1st round, then he got the most votes in the 2nd round. No one else ever led. More people in Iowa voted for Bernie than Pete or Elizabeth or Joe. Period. Bernie won Iowa. Sorry billionaires.

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