Meet Theresa Hong the woman who wrote @realDonaldTrump's campaign Facebook posts using Cambridge Analytica Project Alamo

How they gathered the data on your personality attributes, psycho graphics

FACEBBOOK WAS THE MEDIUM google and youtube were hands on partners their networks made the money

The digital guru who helped Donald Trump to the presidency

The woman who ran Project Alamo for Brad Parscale, Theresa Hong, famous for her BBC interview, has deleted her twitter account with recent news of Parscale being named the Trump 2020 campaign manager. Digital strategist Brad Parscale, who was just named as Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, serves on the management team of a penny-stock firm with longstanding ties to a convicted fraudster.
Lying is part of his brand, that’s why we all pay attention! They are  all about getting rich here, and politics is just a vehicle. Politics is just a side show not the main show.

Many of the “Tech Gods”  actually help him to win. The truth appears over time.

A key insider from the Trump campaign’s digital operation – Theresa Hong – unravels for the first time the role played by social media and Facebook’s in getting Trump into the White House.

Jamie Bartlett learns how Facebook’s vast power to persuade was first built for advertisers, combining data about our internet use and psychological insights into how we think.

Facebook sent its employees to Donald Trump’s campaign office to help with online marketing
SKANK Theresa Hong deleted Medium pages

Project Alamo: The Misogyny Myth

AP Investigation: Political strategist named as Trump’s 2020 campaign manager has $10M financial relationship with firm that has a controversial history, including longstanding ties to a convicted fraudster.
OH YES and Google says it doesn’t believe leak was malicious despite suspicious appearances. Dan Goodin – 11/13/2018, 2:25 AM
Google lost control of several million of its IP addresses for more than an hour on Monday in an event that intermittently made its search and other services unavailable to many users and also caused problems for Spotify and other Google cloud customers. While Google said it had no reason to believe the mishap was a malicious hijacking attempt, the leak appeared suspicious to many, in part because it misdirected traffic to China Telecom, the Chinese government-owned provider that was recently caught improperly routing traffic belonging to a raft of Western carriers though mainland China.
The leak started at 21:13 UTC when MainOne Cable Company, a small ISP in Lagos, Nigeria, suddenly updated tables in the Internet’s global routing system to improperly declare that its autonomous system 37282 was the proper path to reach 212 IP prefixes belonging to Google. Within minutes, China Telecom improperly accepted the route and announced it worldwide. The move by China Telecom, aka AS4809, in turn caused Russia-based Transtelecom, aka AS20485, and other large service providers to also follow the route.
According to BGPmon on Twitter, the redirections came in five distinct waves over a 74-minute period. The redirected IP ranges transmitted some of Google’s most sensitive communications, including the company’s corporate WAN infrastructure and the Google VPN. This graphic from regional Internet registry RIPE NCC shows how the domino effect played out over a two-hour span. The image below shows an abbreviated version of those events.
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