Labor Day and the political-class divide.

Happy Labor Day Everyone.
Do you labor with your hands or with your head or do you use both?
Do you have 5 good friends? Do they have a college degree or not.
Do you only hang with friends that are just like you?
Just what causes the political / class divide in the U.S.?
Not surprisingly, people of the same income level say they flock together. About one in three adults in households earning less than $50,000 a year say all of their friends have incomes that level or below. Almost four of 10 adults in households earning more than $100,000 a year say none of their five closest friends earn less than $50,000.
A bubble envelops people by party affiliation as well. Among Democrats, almost 34 percent say all of their closest friends are Democrats, while only 7 percent of Democrats that say that none of their closest friends are Democrats. With Republicans, 28 percent say all of their friends are Republican.  It should come as no surprise that Americans who tend to spend time with one another share the same views.