Lab Rats for America, A Kafkaesque Version of Our Future by Peter Greene

Peter Greene: Lab Rats for America, A Kafkaesque Version of Our Future
Wednesday, August 17, 2016 The Ledger: Lab Rat America Oh my God. Oh my effing God.  If you want to see where Competency Based Education, data mining, the cradle to career pipeline, the gig economy, and the transformation into a master and servant class society all intersect– boy, have I got a video for you. Spoiler alert: this is also one way that public education dies.
Your Ledger account tracks everything you’ve ever learned in units called edublocks.
Your profile displays all the blocks you’ve earned. Employers can use this information to offer you a job or a gig that matches your skills.
The Ledger will track the money you make from those gigs and use it to evaluate the edublock sources; ultimately every edublock source will carry a rating that shows which sources led to people earning the most money. Because in the world of the Ledger, money is the ultimate yardstick by which all value is measured. You can even market yourself as a commodity, bartering for free edublocks by offering a share of your future earnings in return.