American clergy tell audiance who to vote for which is Against the Law!

Clergy frequently speak out on hot-button political issues, and sometimes even support or oppose specific political candidates.
2/3rds  of Americans who have recently attended religious services have heard their preachers discuss religious liberty, homosexuality, abortion, immigration, environmental issues, or economic inequality. Nearly half say that their clergy have discussed multiple issues.

14% have heard their preachers speak out in favor of or against a particular candidate.

That’s against the law.

Churches and other tax-exempt organizations are not allowed to back or oppose political candidates, according to a 1954 amendment to the US tax code called the Johnson Amendment.  The report didn’t specify whether clergy supported or opposed candidates while actually in the pulpit, but if they did, then their churches could face consequences.
If the IRS pursued that, it might revoke their tax-exempt status,” John Green, a political scientist.
Yeah sure – AS IF – that would ever happen!!