DNC Convention Bernie Sanders can overthrow Hillary due to Election Fraud

Wondering why Al Gore not with HER? He’s more principled & sending citizens a message.
(Cliff Arnebeck is the lead attorney for the RICO lawsuit about to filed on the election fraud that has occured in the 2016 Democratic Primary)
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July 7, 2016
Attorney General Loretta Lynch U.S. Department of Justice Washington, D.C. Via Electronic Mail
Dear Attorney General Lynch:
Because your decision of yesterday against further consideration by career FBI and career attorneys of the Department of Justice of the prosecution of Secretary Clinton appears to be a part of a full court press to preclude the consideration by the upcoming Democratic Convention of the preponderant evidence that Senator Bernie Sanders has received the most actual votes in the Democratic primary, I am sending this to you as an open letter.
Since July 17, 2008, when I issued document hold notices for: 1) Karl Rove’s White House emails carried over Republican Party private servers at SmarTech in Chattanooga, Tennessee and 2) The U.S. Chamber of Commerce documents relating to the corruption of the judicial system of the United States through its coordination with the Republican Party of illegal corporate expenditures, I have been serving in an acting private attorney general capacity, in waiting, under the Ohio Corrupt Practices Act. My status was “in waiting” because I could not file such empowering litigation until we could acquire testimony of the essential cooperating insider witness who could bring together the full range of this election racketeering conspiracy.
In our case that essential insider witness was Michael Connell, CEO of both New Media and GovTech, who was Karl Rove’s IT/Web guru for the full scope of his political operations before, during and after Rove’s tenure in the White House (2001-2007). I took Mike Connell’s deposition on the day before the 2008 Presidential election. He admitted that the placement of SmarTech in a control position over the 2004 Ohio Presidential election was a subcontract within his contract with the Ohio Secretary of State, but denied that he, Mike Connell, had put them there. On December 19, 2008, Mike Connell was assassinated according to an after-action report delivered to the Cleveland FBI by an informant deemed credible by Intelligence reporter and former NSA analyst Wayne Madsen.
Your decision of yesterday to accept Director Comey’s recommendation not to prosecute Clinton is inconsistent with your previous commitment to rely upon the recommendation of the career non-political attorneys in your office. Comey is a revolving-door political member of the Department of Justice. Comey’s assertion that no responsible prosecutor would undertake to prosecute Hillary Clinton upon the facts developed by the FBI has the appearance of being politically dictated by the same political forces behind the evident rigging of the 2016 Democratic primary election, so as to shift millions of votes from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton.
President George W. Bush appointed James Comey Deputy Attorney General in 2003; he served for two years that included a short stint as Acting Attorney General while John Ashcroft recovered from surgery. In that capacity Comey had to have known of the extraordinarily great amount of evidence that the 2004 Presidential election had been stolen and of Karl Rove’s politicization of the Department of Justice. Karl Rove transferred his protégé Stanley Borgia from FBI Headquarters Counterintelligence to the position of Agent in Charge of the Cincinnati Office of the FBI for the purpose of obstructing justice by shutting down the then in progress FBI investigation of the 2004 Presidential election in Ohio. That investigation had already uncovered the flagrant changing of votes from Kerry to Bush in Clermont, Warren and Butler Counties pursuant to the formal request for a federal criminal investigation made by House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers. Under Stanley Borgia the FBI issued a formal finding that the FBI had investigated and found no violations of federal law. The plain and incontrovertible evidence of the fraudulent manipulation of the 2004 Presidential election, with particular focus upon Ohio, is graphically documented in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s historic article Published on June 01, 2006 by Rolling Stone, “Was the 2004 Election Stolen?”
According to Dana Jill Simpson whom we retained as a researcher in regard to the documented fraud in the 2016 Democratic primary: 1) in 2008, when Michael Connell was assassinated James Comey was Senior Vice President/General Counsel for Lockheed Martin, this nation’s largest military contractor and the company into whose hanger Connell’s plane was taken after its crash; 2) in 2010 when we arranged service of a deposition subpoena upon Rove and the US Chamber, Comey was the Chairman of Board of Directors of the US Chamber of Commerce’s National Chamber Litigation Center. In that position Mr. Comey played a key instrumental role in achieving the plainly unconstitutional, corrupt and corrupting decision by a five-four vote majority of the Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, No. 08-205, 558 U.S. 310 (2010) and the subsequent fraudulent appearance in the 2010 general election of the largest partisan shift of votes since the Depression and 3) in 2012 when we were involved, again with Ms. Simpson’s professional research assistance, in countering election racketeering activity, Mr. Comey was serving as counsel to Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world and possibly part of the cabal seeking to fraudulently orchestrate the 2012 presidential election in favor of fellow hedge fund executive and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
I had previously represented Ms. Simpson in discussions and a meeting with attorneys in the Public Integrity Section. The FBI had requested that Ms. Simpson provide guidance to the DOJ head of the criminal division in regard to organized crime in Alabama. In my first telephone conference with Jack Smith, the career US Attorney and newly appointed head of the Public Integrity Section, he informed me that if we presented evidence of crime to him he would prosecute it.
I recommend your consideration of bringing Jack Smith back to the Public Integrity Section of Department of Justice for the purpose of reviewing the facts gathered by the professional, career FBI and DOJ attorneys to determine the sufficiency of those facts as constituting probable cause for a criminal prosecution instead of relying upon a highly political revolving door FBI Director who has made many millions of dollars from the largest Defense Contractor, the largest big business global corporate lobbying and election buying organization in the world and largest hedge fund operation who, obviously from his background expects to return to the corporate world from which he has come to garner billions of dollars.
If you persist in rubber stamping the sole opinion of political appointee FBI Director Comey as to probable cause for criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton, it will have the appearance that your decision is tainted by your own possible conflicts of interest, according to Ms. Simpson’s research, in 1) having served as a partner in the law firm Hogan & Hartson at a time it was serving as legal counsel to the Clinton Foundation and to the firm that set up the private email server for then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 2) being a political appointee of the President who, on the same day of your decision to accept Director Comey’s sole recommendation was campaigning in the Democratic 2016 Primary for Hillary Clinton.
As of July 5, 2016, with the Huffington Post’s publication of “Exit Polls are the Thing Wherein to Catch the Conscience of Elections” by Tony Brasunas, the irrefutable evidence of fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary is no longer recognized and reported only in the alternative and Internet media. Please also consider: “Hillary’s email revelation: France and US killed Qaddafi for his gold and oil” by Bob Fitrakis, The Free Press May 2016. Given Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s famous statement: “We came, we saw and he died,” in regard to Libya’s sovereign leader Muammar al-Qaddafi, is Ms. Clinton’s motive for secreting her emails from the public not clear? Did Wikileaks release of Ms. Clinton’s email from Sidney Blumenthal indicating that the NATO attack upon Libya had nothing to do with either humanitarian concerns for the people of Libya or the national security interests of the people of the United States not expose Secretary of State Clinton to appropriate criminal charges?
Very truly yours,
/s/ Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr. Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr. Attorney at Law

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