How to Steal Your Car Using A Laptop Computer

The Perfect Teenage Joy Ride

Sorry, you are not acting like the person Mr. Rogers knew you could be …

ALERT: Cars that use remote keyless systems, that replace traditional keys with wireless fobs.
Manufacturers can install a chip that will tell how far the key is from the car, defeating the power-amplifier trick, but they haven’t.

NY Times says that one of the mechanisms for stealing newer cars (such as Prius) is to use an RF power amplifier to extend the reach of the key in your house (maybe in your pocket in the house, maybe on the kitchen counter). Normally the transceiver in the door handle has a range of a foot or so, but with the portable amplifier, this might be extended to 100 feet or more.

This allows the thief to get in the car (with the key in your pocket, the door unlocks when you lift the door handle) then start the car (since the car thinks you have the key in your pocket).

You can then drive away, but if the car is turned off, it will not start again (since the key is now too far away).
Problem Solved: 

  1. keep your car keys in the freezer or microwave which acts like a Faraday Bag.
  2. Or MAKE YOUR OWN: wrap your fob / phone / credit cards in aluminum foil.

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Homemade Faraday Cage
Take some aluminum blankets from a dollar store and some twine. Tape the two or more aluminum blankets together and drape overtop of twine that has been suspended from wall to wall overtop of your bed. Then apply a barrier at the head, foot, and, if you would like, underneath the bed.