India's Edu system sucks

Flaws in education system prove deadly

The Indian education system is not actually ‘Indian’; it was imposed on the country by the British. The imperialists had just one goal in mind – to create a population of educated clerks and coolies so that they serve the British Empire better. India was set free in 1947 but successive governments did little to change the education system. In fact, they only made it worse over the next few decades. Here is the list of top 10 detectable flaws in the Indian education system which must be removed if the government is actually serious about the country’s development.

Right to better education is affected by a student’s caste or religion:
India is a country of billions and it only has a handful of quality institutions with limited seats for millions of students. But admissions to these institutions are not always based on merit. The merit is sidelined as a major chunk of the “limited” seats is reserved for students who are born in certain communities, whether their parents happen to be peasants, industrialists or IAS officers. While the fundamental solution to the problem should have been more schools and better facilities for the less fortunate, the government chose to blindly implement the politically influenced reservation system.
Right to better education is affected by a student’s caste or religion