#Cigna All In The (insurance) Family..?

EXPOSED: The state leading America’s review of largest health merger in history just exempted insurers from FOIA

Cigna-Anthem Deal: Connecticut Gov. Malloy Signs Secrecy Bill That Could Shield Insurance Information From Public Release

With his state at the center of a national review of healthcare megamergers, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy quietly signed legislation that could empower state officials to conceal key documents about health insurers. The secrecy bill was attached to unrelated dental health legislation, passed by lawmakers in the middle of the night and then signed by Malloy on Friday with no public statement. The move comes days after Malloy’s adminstration rejected an open records request for information about its review of Anthem’s proposed acquisition of Cigna.  The new law could have national implications, because Connecticut is home to many insurance companies and is leading states’ antitrust review of the Anthem-Cigna merger. If approved by regulators, that multibillion-dollar merger would create the largest private health insurance conglomerate in American history — one that merger opponents say could jack up premiums and reduce medical care for up to 53 million consumers across the nation. Cigna has signaled that the merger may not be complete until 2017. Connecticut’s new law formally goes into effect in October.

EXPOSED: The top govt regulator reviewing the Cigna merger was a Cigna lobbyist & is married to a Cigna exec

All In The (insurance) Family..?
Will Cigna And Anthem Merge? How Health Insurance Companies Pump Money Into Politics The art of the deal? Cigna and Anthem are spending big to push regulators to approve a giant merger — one that could drive premiums up and limit treatment and coverage options. https://archive.is/BN3j8
When Anthem’s plan to acquire Cigna was being negotiated in early 2015, Connecticut’s Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy appointed Katharine Wade as his state’s insurance commissioner: She was a longtime Cigna lobbyist whose father-in-law works at a law firm that lobbies for the company, whose mother and brother previously worked at Cigna, and whose husband still does. She was also a top official of the major lobbying group for the state’s health insurance industry. As commissioner, she appointed a top deputy who worked at Cigna and she had a former longtime Cigna employee serve as an agency counsel in the merger review. As Wade continues to oversee Connecticut’s review of Cigna’s merger, she recently secured a position chairing a healthcare policy committee for insurance commissioners across the country. Malloy’s decision to appoint Wade to such a powerful regulatory post on the eve of the merger was not made in a vacuum. It came after employees of Cigna, its lobbying firm Robinson & Cole and Anthem delivered more than $1.3 million to national and state political groups affiliated with Malloy, including the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), the Connecticut Democratic Party, Malloy’s own gubernatorial campaign and a political action committee supporting Connecticut Democrats.
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