The technical problems of onnline voting

From: Geoff Kuenning
Date: April 23, 2016
Re In proof we trust

Over and over we see proposals for various forms of online voting. Everybody who does the proposing seems to think that the technical problem that needs to be solved is ensuring that the vote gets recorded correctly and securely.  And they think that the social problem is to make voting easier.
Secure and correct recording of votes is certainly a precondition. But there is another aspect of reliable elections that is studiously (and I suspect purposely) ignored by every proposer: the problem of vote selling and forced voting.
There is a reason why voting systems require ballots to be cast in a private booth, but in a public venue where monitors can be certain that nobody else can verify how you voted.  Any system that allows another person to determine how you voted, immediately or after the fact, is fundamentally fraudulent.  (And yes, that applies to absentee ballots and the current mania for mail-in voting.)

Geoff Kuenning
An undocumented program is as useless as a non-working one.