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Very Interesging: H1B  / Salary Info
H1B Visa DataBase | Comments | Honest Salary
Co-cycles Co.cycles, the Search Engine for Open Source Code
“Currently, Co.cycles can only help out with questions on JavaScript. It will look for projects that are similar to the search request, as well as for fitting code snippets, functions, and so on. Expansions for languages like PHP and Ruby are in the works.”
How an FBI win against Apple could hurt my company  Declan McCullagh
Great Speaking Tips

Technically Speaking email list. They have tons of resources to help new speakers!
also on Twitter at https://twitter.com/techspeakdigest
New York has just opened a massive public spying network
Web site helps disabled people find accessible Broadway shows in NYC “Theatre Access NYC” (www.theatreaccess.nyc)

Radio Attack Lets Hackers Steal 24 Different Car Models
He eventually resorted to keeping his keys in the freezer
(maybe the microwave or a faraday bag would also work? ~ke)

radio “amplification attack” that silently extends the range of unwitting drivers’ wireless key fobs to open cars and even start their ignitions, 24 different vehicles from 19 different manufacturers were all vulnerable, allowing them to not only reliably unlock the target vehicles but also immediately drive them away.
full list of vulnerable vehicles from their findings, which focused on European models: the Audi A3, A4 and A6, BMW’s 730d, Citroen’s DS4 CrossBack, Ford’s Galaxy and Eco-Sport, Honda’s HR-V, Hyundai’s Santa Fe CRDi, KIA’s Optima, Lexus’s RX 450h, Mazda’s CX-5, MINI’s Clubman, Mitsubishi’s Outlander, Nissan’s Qashqai and Leaf, Opel’s Ampera, Range Rover’s Evoque, Renault’s Traffic, Ssangyong’s Tivoli XDi, Subaru’s Levorg, Toyota’s RAV4, and Volkswagen’s Golf GTD and Touran 5T. Only the BMW i3 resisted the researchers’ attack, though they were still able to start its ignition.