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STEM research, NAEP proficiency rate, Common Core State Standards, 10,000 third-graders could be held back in Ohio, 7 million pay out for separate career-skills test

STEM research
Change the Equation has unveiled its 2012 Vital Signs, which measure the health of the K-12 STEM learning enterprise, state by state.
Not too proficient
Only about one-quarter of 8th and 12th graders performed at the proficient level or higher on the writing portion of the NAEP, with the proficiency rate far lower for black and Hispanic students.
Nearly all states are developing curricular and supplemental materials to help districts and schools implement the Common Core State Standards, but far fewer are approving or certifying lists of materials, according to a new report.
Harsher cut
As many as 10,000 Ohioan third-graders could be held back next school year if they fall short of new cut scores set by the Ohio Board of Education on the state reading test.
The $7 million proposition
Tony Evers, Wisconsin superintendent of public instruction, is requesting state funds for all 11th-graders to take the ACT standardized college admissions exam as well as a separate career-skills test starting in the 2014-’15 school year.
Meanwhile, in Boston
The Boston Teachers Union and the School Department have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract after 27 months of contentious negotiations.
The experimentation continues
New Jersey and the Newark Teachers Union are negotiating a form of merit pay in the state-run district that would block poorly rated teachers from receiving automatic annual salary bumps that are now based solely on years of experience, union officials said.

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