How do I set a ringtone for a contact who I chat via SMS?

what differentiates an SMS Text from a BBM Alert/Groups/New Message in terms of priority for ring tones used?

How do I set a ringtone for a contact who I chat via SMS?
Contacts>Edit Contact>Messages
You can set a different ringtone for each of them.
Go into your sound profiles>edit profile>choose your active profile>click on instant messages and there you will see bbm alert, bbm groups, and bbm new msg to set the ring tones for.
You can set a ringtone that will be the same for everyone who sms’s you OR you could edit that one particular contact and set a diff sound for just when they SMS you so you know its them and it will be diff from if anyone else was to SMS you and get your ringtone you have set in the particular profile your using.
You would go into your contacts list, pull up that name, choose edit and you’ll see below where the persons name and job go there will be a field for custom ringtones/alerts and you can edit the phone or messages tone, and be sure to save your settings.
if it says sms contact, all you are doing is texting them from bbm, so when they text you back, its a regular sms text, not a real bbm.
ANDROID – but this may meet your needs.
from the official site here:
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