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2010 Privacy Developments http ://

iPhone used to monitor heart – Apple fanboys this ECG device #mobile
Scientists use Wiimote to measure evaporation – Cheap consumer technology helps researchers #science
TechEye’s Tablet Prophecy – From ye Book of Tablets #hardware
Anonymous defends Wikileaks in Zimbabwe website attack – Zanu not in Xanadu #security
Beautiful Earth announces solar PV plant in California – State aims to be greenest place on planet #business
Hackers break into GSM network, can listen to your phone calls #security
Government launches online divorce calculator – D.I.V.O.R.C.E. #internet
Untouchables swoop on Anonymous network – Deep in the heart of Texas #security
Jobs’ Mob says no to Google DNS servers – Saying no to thinking different #internet
Chinese regulators ban Skype – Western agitators #internet

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