Election Security 50 days to go with people to know

Election Security 50 days to go with people to know

Judge rules Chad Wolf likely unlawfully serving as Homeland Security secretary and temporarily blocks some asylum restrictions

I’ll say it again: the way Trump steals the election is by using state GOP officials and as necessary federal office-holders to refuse to certify some states’ vote counts/slates of electors via false voter fraud claims—throwing the election to the House delegations (GOP has more)

The Biden campaign is hiring a Cybersecurity manager

50 days to go.

#VoteByMail in 2020
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Why Pennsylvania Could Decide The 2020 Election

Response to Voatz’s Supreme Court Amicus Brief – disclose.io

@mattblaze matt blaze: “Ahhh, I think I found the source of the claim going around that voting machines have online Internet connections. It stems from re-reporting coupled with confusion between voting machines and backend election management systems (which ARE, disturbingly, sometimes online).