Last War of the White Power Confederacy

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Epik, which hosts the right-wing site Gab, has agreed to host Parler as well now that Amazon has declined to continue to host them. In related news, Epik will now be spelling its name with three Ks.

WP One day before rioters stormed Congress, an FBI office in Virginia issued an explicit internal warning that extremists were preparing to travel to Washington to commit violence and “war,” contradicting earlier FBI statements to the contrary.

@MSNBC: During a briefing on security threats, House Democrats were reminded that the purchase of a bulletproof vest is a “reimbursable expense.”

Trump was STILL speaking an hour into the insurrection. The first breach of the fence was 12:21 he was telling us ‘I’ll be with you’ he said to keep them at the Elipse. #Complicit

Harvard removes Republican Elise Stefanik from advisory committee
Stefanik was among the 147 House Republicans who voted against certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

It is very clear that the events of last week were brought by domestic terrorists following instructions from their cult-like leader President Trump.
~ @CongressmanRaja


#SheldonAdelson Republican

Kingmaker billionaire megadonor used his vast wealth to promote right-wing political agendas in America and Israel, has been deplatformed. The untold damage that people like Sheldon Adelson and David Koch have done it’s really hard to suppress that initial feeling of relief. #SheldonAdelson #TrumpismisFascism

The Trump administration has embarked on an 11th-hour bid to undo civil rights protections for minority groups, which could have a ripple effect on women and LGBT people, in one of the most significant shifts in civil rights enforcement in generations.

Zuckerberg is an uneducated, psychopath.

Facebook’s failure to rein in toxic speech, racism and misinformation had serious repercussions on the presidential election, racial injustice and police brutality after the death of George Floyd under a white officer’s knee. The results of a years-long civil rights audit heightened scrutiny of the spread of racism and hate on Facebook and Instagram.
Nothing Roy Austin is going to do will handle our problems with facebook algo’s. You have no civil rights with this private company. They took your data. Then they took control. The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation

Facebook confirms data-sharing agreements with Chinese firms
Facebook is already under scrutiny over how it uses members’ information.
It has been blocked in China since 2009 but the company has been trying to find other ways to access the massive potential market.
Over 200 Million Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Profiles Exposed Through Unsecured Database Held by Chinese Startup Chinese social media management company Socialarks leaked personally identifiable information (PHI) of over 200 million Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin Profiles
CyberPlayGround NetHappenings©1989North Idaho ISP Your T1 WIFI will block Facebook and Twitter for customers that request it after it received complaints over censorship will implement firewalls that restrict access to Facebook and Twitter at its customers’ requests


[… Gold-plated luxury and a super-affluent clientele, may not fully recover from the fallout of his supporters violently storming and vandalizing the U.S. Capitol, hospitality analysts say and some people close to the business acknowledge. Other companies linked with the Trumps, including Deutsche Bank, the president’s largest lender, and Signature Bank, are also seeking distance from him and his business.]

Deutsche Bank, Trump’s primary lender for 2 decades, has decided not to do business with Trump or his company in the future. Trump owes Deutsche Bank >$300 million, due in the next few years, while his hotel and golf businesses are FAILING.

Whistleblower: Wall Street Has Engaged in Widespread Manipulation of Mortgage Funds



PSA We Robot

We RobotNorth America’s leading conference on law and policy relating to robotics (and AI) — will be returning to Miami for its 10th anniversary edition after successful conferences at U.Ottawa, Yale, U. Washington and Stanford as well as here.  We’re planning to host it on campus Sept 23-25.  Currently we are planning for both an in-person and virtual event, whether blended or all-virtual, as needed.
We welcome submissions of abstracts, posters — or robots to demo — from both students and faculty.  Submissions, due by Feb. 1, 2021, are subject to a double-blind review process.
Full info at our URL: where we post not just the CFP but fuller details about the conference and the best way to pitch an abstract.